Pictures from Mike Diana's AMERICA Book Release Party
and one-man show at Superchief Gallery @ Culturefix NYC

friendly flyers and animated greetings


upstairs at Superchief: Mike Diana paintings, comix and Superchief Bill

downstairs at Superchief: giant poster blowups of every BOILED ANGEL zine,
along with select Mike Diana art... superhuge, superart... on sale from $50 - $100

Mike D meeting and greeting, meatness and greatness

thanks to Inju Kaboom for the Mike Diana masks... lotsa fun and identity theft

superchief watercloset adorned by Mike's personal collection of maskies

Superchiefs Ed/Bill; AMERICA publisher Ivan/Olga from Divus

off-the-cuff chalk drawings, Mike's hillbilly puppets, Jesus bust and AMERICA book display in effect

Wednesday was Performance Anxiety night

Mike's hillbilly Deliverance puppet show, and collaboration with Inju Kaboom on theremin was a gas!

other performers included Jefe aka Johnny Chiba's gayzilla puppet show
and gorgeous women picking flowers and spreading their love

(Claribel Jolie Pichardo & Naomi Elena Ramirez)

photos by Saori Kurioka (where noted)
Jefe aka Johnny Chiba, and
Ventiko c/o Performance Anxiety